If you make the decision to try to improve your golf game, it is imperative that
you find the right golf instructor.   At Old Landing, our PGA Professional is
certified to teach golfers of all ages and all abilities.  Individual and group lessons
are offered.  We also offer clinics throughout the year.  Lessons are available to
the general public.  If you interested in a lesson, please contact Jim Powers at
(302) 542-7845 or email him at jimpga@comcast.net.


There are many areas in this profession from which a Golf Professional may call
upon for personal satisfaction.  In my case, the area I receive the greatest
personal satisfaction would be teaching others to play golf.  Whether it’s taking
someone who has never played golf and seeing his or her face light up the first
time that he or she is able to get the ball airborne or helping a low-handicap
golfer get out of a slump, the satisfaction is unsurpassed.

It is my belief that most swing problems are based on two central thoughts.
Either the individual thinks they are supposed to be doing something that they
are not supposed to be doing or they think they are doing something, that in
reality, they are in fact, not doing.  Fix those problems and usually golf ball starts
going where the individual wants it to go.

Having the correct grip and setup position is paramount to hitting the ball
correctly.  Once you have the correct grip and correct setup position, the student
can become “Swing-Oriented” and not “Ball-Oriented.”

I also believe that it is extremely important for the instructor to be patient.  With
patience, the instructor is able to tell when the instructions are clicking or if an
the explanation needs to be worded differently.

In any case, if you are interested in learning the game of golf or improving your
game, please contact me to set up a  private or group lesson.  I look forward to
helping you at your convenience.

Jim Powers
PGA Professional